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Weber SmokeFire EX4

Overall Rating 4.4

With a wide temperature range spanning 200 to 600°F, the Weber wood fired grill offers diverse cooking capabilities for a variety of food types. It has a large grilling space with two levels, multiple meat probes to manage food safety easily, and smart technology built right in.


  • Porcelain-enamel surfaces help retain heat steadily
  • Flavorizer bars allow for consistent heat, direct from the flames
  • SmokeBoost setting allows for flavor control


  • No push-button smoke burst during use
  • Smaller size and cooking area for its price
  • Brand


  • Price


  • Type

    Smoke Fire

  • Model


Size and Structure

This model has 672 square inches of grilling space spread across two levels of grates. The entire structure is relatively compact in the and does not have extra protuberances, chimneys, or racks that get in the way of usability. The digital controls, pellet hopper box, and a small metal surface for tools, condiments, or your drink sits to the side conveniently. The overall shape of this Weber grill looks like a drum. It has a curved lid that opens easily with a wide handle. However, some people may not like the limit on the space caused by that curve rather than having a squarer structure. It has locking caster wheels on the bottom to help it move smoothly on solid surfaces like a patio or deck. It is not recommended for rolling over grass or other uneven ground.

Range of Cooking Options

The Weber SmokeFire EX4 offers a considerably wide temperature range suitable for cooking a lot of different types of foods. It can heat all the way up to 600°F so you can cook your stakes and smoked chickens with ease while maintaining perfect food safety. You can also set it for as low as 200°F, which makes this wood fired grill a great option for vegetables or desserts. It can even double as an outdoor pizza oven. Enjoy two meat probes that make it easy to cook different varieties at the same time. This is one feature that is sometimes missing on other models that rely on single probes for consistent grilling temperatures.

Smart App Digital Controls

The second-generation updates for this Weber grill include a variety of smart features that can help you get the best cooking satisfaction possible. They offer remote grilling control with a Weber Connect app for your smart phone. This lets you control temperature, ignition, keep an eye on pellet levels, and more. It also offers useful tips and instructions on how to properly cook different types of meat, fish, vegetables, and more. You can also use the onboard digital controls with easy-to-handle buttons and knobs directly on the grill itself.

Price Considerations

Priced from the manufacturer at $1099, the Weber SmokeFire EX4 is slightly more expensive than some other models of the same size. However, if you do not need an extremely large grill surface area, the wide range of cooking options available with this one may suit your plans perfectly. This trusted brand also offers a 100-day money back guarantee that can help you decide whether this is the perfect wood fired grill for you or not.

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