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What We Do was launched to help people make a better decision when buying a wood fired grill, whether it's their first purchase or they are a seasoned chef. With so many options out there, it's hard to make the right decision without dedicating hours or evens days researching. helps you plan to choose the the right grill for your needs.

  • Honest Reviews

    Thoroughly researched, tested, and compared with other top grills.

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction

    Only brands with reputable customer support and the best track records.

  • Top Tier Rating

    Top rankings by category to fit individual situations.

How We Review uses the following factors and more to rate and rank each grill individually:

  • Price
  • Size & Cooking Surface
  • Construction & Features
  • Digital Control & Mobile App
  • Brand Popularity
  • Company Reputation
  • Consumer Feedback
  • A combination of all factors above is used to determine the best grill in each category. Individual needs and situations can result in specific choices being better for different people. We recommend all consumers perform their own research to find the most suitable choice for their needs.